Despite the practical cryptography means Bitcoin cannot be classified as private coins, such as Zcash or Monero. However, some services allow you to achieve almost complete anonymity during transactions in the Bitcoin network – the so-called Bitcoin mixers. Here is more about it.

The purpose of the Bitcoin blender

Cryptocurrency mixer is a service through which you can anonymize transactions and personal data in the blockchain. They accept cryptocurrencies and return the already mixed ones back from the pool. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is due to many positive characteristics, but you need to understand the nuances associated with them. One common misconception of people not professionally involved in cryptocurrencies is the absolute belief in their anonymity.

Innovative technologies make it relatively quick and easy to decrypt most cryptocurrencies’ last or all links of the blockchain chain. If necessary, the data of a careless user will be known. Of course, the owners of cryptocurrencies do not want such a scenario. It is where the Bitcoin blender comes to the rescue.

The guidelines for using mixer services

Using blenders usually involves several steps:

  • The user sends coins to the specified address provided by the mixer.
  • The service combines a user’s coins with other participants’ coins and sends them through a series of random transactions, making it difficult to trace the source.
  • Coins after mixing are sent back to the user’s wallet minus a small commission.

Services that have proven themselves today do not ask their customers for any personal data and do not require registration. During the operation, the resource sends the participants letters of guarantee, unique codes confirming the ownership of the funds, and addresses of cryptocurrency wallets.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin blender protects your information, and most importantly, it does not allow you to track payments made on the Internet.