Blockchain has so far shown much potential with many businesses, including startups adopting this technology. The technology has helped businesses devise applications that are increasing productivity and security. A blockchain is an advanced form of the ledger where businesses can store records securely. The technology utilizes decentralized networks and cryptography to process and store data. Therefore, the data stored in the system cannot be manipulated or stolen.

Although it is stated as a foundation for Bitcoin, blockchain use has spread so far that it is now useful in tracking supply chains, small contracts, and managing identity, among others. The features in blockchain are decentralized, meaning no third party like government entities control them. As blockchain evolves, many applications have developed and created more business opportunities. The following are trends to keep your eyes on in 2023, shaping this technology.

  1. Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a form of blockchain where users don’t require intermediaries to make financial transactions. In short, there is no need to use a bank or any other financial institution to facilitate a transaction. They can borrow or lend money directly and invest within the blockchain. There is a credit scoring that has been developed for decentralized transactions. So, expect to see more momentum in 2023.

  1. Development of Blockchain Apps

This trend has given rise to blockchain applications. Companies are using this technology to build applications that they are employing for their products and services. There is a high demand for blockchain technology to build secure applications that facilitate transactions. Additionally, software developers are upgrading their games by incorporating blockchain when developing software.

  1. More Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Another thing people should look out for this year is more blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular cryptocurrencies that have been known for several years. However, more are expected to be seen this year. New cryptocurrencies are developing thanks to blockchain security. These cryptocurrencies will provide liquidity and chances for investors to extend their collections across different currencies within blockchain technology.

  1. Adoption of Blockchain by Enterprises

Another trend is the adoption of blockchain by enterprises. Since realizing the benefits of blockchain, it has become possible to include it in business. The technology offers more security and trusts in transactions giving the users a certain level of assurance. With more transparency, users can know the movement of their assets without the fear of being conned. Furthermore, decentralized transactions have increased the security and safety of digital assets from hackers since no third party is involved. So, more enterprises are expected to adopt blockchain technology.

  1. Government Adoption of Blockchain

Blockchain is like a public ledger that anyone can utilize. Therefore, it is no surprise that more government entities will implement it in different sectors. Instead of the old-fashioned ways of performing tasks in the name of security, governments can now utilize blockchain technology for various tasks like identity verification, healthcare improvement, and monitoring of public transactions.


These are trends everyone should watch out for this year. Blockchain is here to stay and provides breakthroughs for businesses to make a difference now and in the future.