When two people exchange money and goods in person, they do so in a decentralized peer-to-peer system. However, online transactions still rely on trusted third parties to ensure integrity. Bitcoin maintains integrity through a transparent concept that can be easily verified; visit the blender io onion link to find out how to secure your transactions.

Short overview of Bitcoin

At the end of 2014, there were many sites with “free” bitcoins, which offered anyone who wanted to regularly receive a small amount of satoshi in exchange for performing simple tasks, for example, clicking on an advertising banner, viewing a web page for a certain time or just clicking on the captcha. These sites usually post general information about Bitcoin. When registering, you must provide a Bitcoin address to credit the received satoshis.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has remained the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Issuing assets and processing transactions is done collectively by network participants or nodes. However, the protocol of some blockchains is designed in such a way that all transfers of crypto coins can be easily tracked. It is precisely in order to make payments anonymous that the Bitcoin mixer or blender was developed.

The most trusted tool for Bitcoin mixing

Blender.io is a Bitcoin tool that positions itself as the most adaptable to community requests and aims to gain the trust of a large number of users. Such technology offers many advantages in terms of security, utility, etc. Among its main features of this mixer are the following:

  • Unique mixing algorithms.
  • Low commissions, discount system.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • Possibility of setting the percentage of distribution of funds and execution delays.
  • Replication of input and output data.

Thus, it provided a revolutionary way to solve the problem of value transfer worldwide. In many ways, such a blender can also act as a savings vehicle similar to gold.