Are you planning to up your fashion game using augmented reality? Well, then, you need to introduce AR filters to your social media. These filters are trendy amongst Gen Z, highly relevant in today’s digital era, and are gaining popularity daily. Audiences love these filters for multiple reasons. First, they look great. Second, it helps create a unique identity that improves recall and boosts engagement.

But if you are still not sure whether you need these filters to elevate your fashion brand, here are five reasons that will make you rethink your decision,

Gets You Skyrocketing Engagement

Everyone knows how powerful videos are when they captivate readers’ minds. But did you know that AR filters can have a more powerful impact? AR is way more than the usual 2D content stuff. It allows you to build user interaction like no other and gives users a more immersive and fun experience. The best part about AR filters is that they are very engaging, and users are more interested in using them. Several brands like Ponds, Marks and Spencer, Nissan, and others have used AR filters to up their social media game, and as per reports, their engagement has shot up in no time.

Gets You Viral

Looking for that one trick that gets you viral? AR might just be the best option for you. With millions of people growing their accounts on social media, it only makes sense for your brand to leverage this tool and become the next big thing. The best part about AR filters is that they are trendy, are exceptionally well known amongst Gen Z, and are one of the easiest ways to grab attention. You might go viral overnight if you can make the right one for yourself, as Vossle did recently. But remember that going viral is not everyone’s piece of cake. You must brainstorm with your team and do some A/B testing before executing. Moreover, the viral nature of AR filters extends beyond their initial launch. Users often share their experiences with these filters, leading to a snowball effect as your brand gains exposure through user-generated content, further amplifying your online presence and reach.

Makes Recall A Piece Of Cake

AR filters are known to have the best impact on your memory because of how cool and engaging they look. If you can do it right, you will increase brand awareness for your users and improve memory recall. As per experts, the memory recall ability for your users increases by 70% when you engage with AR filters. Companies shall also be able to use the latest AR filter trends to customize the brand’s needs.

Excellent Strategy For Brand Advocacy

Your digital fashion house could benefit immensely from AR, especially if the goal is to create a loyal customer base. With some influencer marketing, you can convey your best messages to the audience and reach a wider number of people in your target audience. Not just that, AR also allows you to try products virtually, like glasses, make-up, and shoes, which makes the journey a lot more unique.

So, that was a look at some of the significant benefits AR filters offer your brand. If you wish to go ahead with AR, know that it will put all your worries related to inventories, production costs, etc. Now that you have this fantastic technology, you can easily give your brand the best upgrade it needs. And if you are looking for ways to upgrade your digital fashion game, check out the House of Fashion.

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